Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alone, Once Again

I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. You could say it was a bad dream but no it was a bad reality and a good dream that was too much for me to bear. I dreamed I was with you and we were looking over at each other, we locked eyes so tight it started to become too romantic to not exist. To add to it all we leaned closer to each other. So close I can smell the mint in your mouth. I felt the heat radiating from your face and it seem to pull me closer. But right before our lips touched I woke up with my heart racing and, feeling very dizzy, I pushed the covers off of me and turned on the lights. I was alone, once again.

WhereThe Love Is

why do i still love you? could this all be lust, no! i don't want that from you. all i want is to feel your love. all i want is you right next to me. i want to go to a cold football game with nothing but a blanket and hot chocolate and you right next to me, being their with your love. i want to give you a kiss, or a thimble. i just want to be OK. i don't want food, i don't want sports, i don't want life, i don't want love, unless its all with you. i want you to call me at 2 am and tell me you love me...but not in a creeper voice, cause that changes the whole situation at 2 am. why cant you be with me!? why are we trapped in this situation where love cant exist and life cant go on. life hasn't moved and time hasn't looked around to see where the love is. i wont take it anymore, love needs to be found, yet instinct takes control and your breathe makes it seem easier, without you, i wouldn't know. keep the music going, it gives me inspiration, keep my life rolling, ill get no hesitation. what is it? its a song! it lifts me up, and lets me down, down towards the earth, it screams my name, i am silent, i fall, i fall down, down into my own heart where i cant be lifted up again, i reach for the light and only get gray, yet its warm in here and life seems to go on. so why do i want out? when this place i am in seems too perfect, i didn't realize. you were here all along. so what i took the road less traveled by. it made all the difference.

To Introduce Myself

I would love to thank Hiraoka Kimitake for putting my blog together. she is one of my dearest friends, and I haven't a clue on how to use any type of electronic devise known to any man... period.
I will hopefully be able to blog correctly with the knowledge that Hiraoka has given to me while she is away.

oh, allow me to introduce myself. my name is Dehlia Draycott.

More To Come

Dweling in the rain of the woods, i find myself in the middle of nowhere. beautiful pine trees become dark and dreary, woodland creatures become from cute to deadly. the night sky comes out and the moon comes into center. everything is calm and peaceful.
I have never felt this way, yet i know there is still more to come. i am not just anywhere as i walk into an opening. everything is silent and a breath of awakening comes to me... shivers down my neck and cloudes lower to the point where i can feel the air get wet.
This is what i know to be the closest to love i have ever come in contact so far in my life, yet so young.

Now life has become interesting and time is no longer a medium.


P.S. BRICKS... the end..     ..maybe

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love Is: Heartbreak


love quotes from an airplane

"love is giving someone the detonator to your heart and trusting them not to pull the trigger"

"when you realize you are not the most important in the world.
because she is, at least in your world"

"love is caring about someone more than you care about yourself"

"love can make your life, it can also destroy it"

"the way you love me"

"love is:
a dream
like air
missing someone
friendship/ family"

 "love is your other half"

"sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye"

"love is a time bomb"

 "love is a battlefield"