Sunday, November 24, 2013


                      D: find a personal DEVASTATION
                                            E: have a public EPISODE (but not too obvious)
                                   P: PARTICIPATE in listening to sad music
R: READ a sad poem
                                  E: ENJOY the feeling you get after crying
 S: SIT all by yourself
                                   S: realize that you are really really SAD    
      I: IMAGINE better days
                         O: ORGANIZE your feelings into art
                                                 N: write a touching letter to yourself on a NAPKIN

In short,
Be Original


  1. I haven't seen your blog before... I love it.
    And this post is soo awesome!
    Thank you:)

  2. Wasn't sure where to write it, but your music selection is outstanding. Soundtrack music is my favorite by far. Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer, Lindsey Stirling, you know your stuff. Also Goo Goo Dolls and Evanescence and Kansas and Everything.

    I think you would like Audiomachine, Two Steps from Hell, Brand X Music, Future World Music, Immediate, Zack Hemsey, John Dreamer.