Sunday, November 17, 2013

your love is but the outside of the earth everywhere

 i now dazzl in the tasteful fire
 list to celebrate how gifts see a powerful skin. more fashion like free and beauty at a service mark. support a legacy made to win everywhere
 love story:we fall in the romantic occasion
 i love the making of a legand
 the legacy honoring the legendary
 i wonder what to wear
he was in his writers game. but this season made fun of the horrible disconnection to the attack... by the time his good name premiered, it was warming up his extreme, confided, funny candidate. he did not leave a good audience during a commercial break. he can run the tiebreaker. his reruns got awkward, his speech cheers but he loses time. his hand runs on crippling fear and kicks in to be finer things seen for the first time, a far cry to see something touched by her security. within, he cant ignore.
dream casual, to wear the earth


  1. black out magazines.. now that is a creative idea. love it. i'm stealing the first one and its going in my journal

  2. Wow these were amazing! I never would have thought to do blackout poetry with magazines, that is just too cool! I might have to try it!

    p.s. I love your blog, the background is awesome!